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Re: [IP] Any type 2's on pump and also on Medicare?-Diane

At 10:03 AM 6/21/2011, you wrote:
>Although the language seems to indicate an "and or" situation of
>either being on a pump or having a qualifying C-peptide, my experience
>was that I had to have a qualifying C-peptide lab result. For T1, the
>result must be 0.5 or lower; for T2, the score needs to be 0.8 or

Thanks Diane for the information.
I will be 64 this coming August.
My pump will be 4 years old in November.
If I get my pump now in November, I wonder if Medicare and/or other 
insurance will still cover my supplies.
My husband currently has me covered under his health insurance at his work.
I wonder if that could be carried over as secondary insurance (I will 
have to find out).

Anyway, just trying to figure out what to do when the time comes.

Linda H. 
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