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Re: [IP] Omnipod

I, too, am using the Omnipod and I love it.  Or as much as you can love
anything stuck to your body.  I, too, am glad to not have tubing running
from my body and I wear dresses a lot, so tubing could make that a problem.
I'm getting better at controlling my diabetes as I have had it for just
short of one year.  The pump makes it soooooo much easier.  Susan

On Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 5:21 AM, William Howell <email @ redacted>wrote:

> This has been most helpful.  Even with mt Decom 7 +, I have had both bad
> senors and blood but Dexcom has responded with a new sensor in less than 3
> days.  The blood rarely happens but is really caused by my thin blood.
> Thanks
> On Jun 20, 2011 1:17 AM, "Matt & Nancy Currie" <email @ redacted>
> wrote:
> > Omnipod is wonderful. I have been on the system for 7 years and have
> wonderful
> > success. My A1C is 6.2-6.6 for that time. I love being free and not have
> to
> > worry about tubing. The size is accommodating and is looking to becoming
> smaller
> > but as it houses batteries and insulin it a pretty efficient system. I
> love the
> > food wizard that allows you to look up all sorts of food. I am an ocean
> swimmer
> > and never have had a problem with my pod. Swimming is one of my first
> loves with
> > the pod. I wear it under my bathing suit- never have to disconnect, can
> keep the
> > PDM zipped up and sand free. Secondly, I would leave my PDM in any secure
> area
> > of my work place and now home having retired, as I only need to have it
> close
> > when I bolus. Third, no priming after initially placement of pod as uyou
> never
> > diconnect and don't have to worry about where tubing might be. There are
> and
> > occasional pod that malfunctions or the cannula fills with blood but this
> was
> > true with my MM508. I disagree with the advice given about withdrawing
> insulin
> > as I have been advised not to do this. I am on Medicare now and my
> secondary
> > insurance covers the cost. Hopes this helps.
> > Nancy
> > .
> .
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