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Re: [IP] I am looking for feed back on the Omnipod.

As an Omnipod user I can honestly say I wouldn't be happy with any other
pump.  The Omnipods are not small (yet) but most of the time you can forget
where they are and after a week or two of adjusting to wearing them you
learn to leave the extra space between door frames and whatnot.  It is not a
hard adjustment.  If you leave the PDM behind you do lost the ability to
bolus.  But you probably carry around a glucose meter with you now anyway.
 So you know if leaving things behind is a major issue.  If you have a bad
site you do lose the pod.  You can withdraw insulin but the pods can be
expensive depending on your insurance.  I think I've only found maybe 3
sites the pod has worked poorly on in my 3 years on it.  On the other hand,
you never have to disconnect for showers, swimming, or sports.  It stays
with you no matter what activity you do and you don't have to worry about
it.  You can leave the PDM in another room and not have to constantly figure
out what to do with it on you or you can even leave it in a jacket or bag or
the car when you go out (as long as it's in a safe location.)  The customer
service is amazing and they replace anything you have an issue with and
really try to find work arounds for your problems.  You put it on every
three days, and forget where it is on your body, and then it makes sure you
know when to change it every three days so you don't develop bad scar
tissue.  Do your research and choose what works best for you but if you're
tired of tubes, want more freedom, or are just looking for another way then
definitely consider the Omnipod as at least an equal choice in the Insulin
Pump market.

Rebecca B. Jervey

On Sat, Jun 18, 2011 at 7:15 PM, o#?Wyldceltic1o#? <email @ redacted>

>  Although wireless (Tubeless) may look appealing, the Omnipods looked big
> and I
> wore a sample for a few days. I had trouble in that I'd knock it off from
> me.
>  If you leave the PDM at home, you will only have your basal rates, and
> must use
> a insulin filled pen to take boluses (Mealtime doses)
>  If you place the omni pod into a bad absorption area, I doubt you can just
> yank
> it off and change location. unlike a tubed pump; park a new set into
> another
> site and prime it. No waste of the scale of omni pods.
> I'm more comfortable, at this time, anyway, with my tubed MM pump.
> On Jun 18, 2011, at 4:07 PM, William Howell wrote:
> > I am trying to decide if I should go with the traditional tube or the
> > Omnipod.  I would appreciate some feedback.
> >
> > Kourdt
> .
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