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RE: [IP] Blog: I'm pumping!!

Oh no we won't delete it.  We are all just remembering when we started.
We went through the high BGs also.  Give it time.
You'll be an old hand and giving other newbies advice.  Just wait and
see.  You'll read questions and say I know the answer to that.  And you
will join in with your experiences.

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 Hi Julie how you doing today good i hope and how is your pump doing i
have a
pump also and only been on it for a month or so and sometimes think it
is the
greatest thing going and then there are days i am ready to go back to
shoting my self 7 or 8 times a day.
 I have the problem when i change the infussion my sugar goes way up to
300 somtimes 400 and i get scared and half the time i pull out the
set and try an other one i know it is just me not giving it a chance but
 Julie i forgot to tell you my name is Bob and i live in chicgo and i'm
 have agreat day and hope your having good luck with your pump

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Subject: [IP] Blog: I'm pumping!!
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Date: Wednesday, June 15, 2011, 6:06 PM

I now am hooked up to my pump and have given myself my first bolus!  The
took 2 and a half hours and there were three of us in it.  One person
switching from another pump to Medtronics, the other two of us are brand

We went through all the menus, set our different basal rates, set up our
wizards.  Also set our alarm methods (mine is vibrate).  Since each of
us is
using a different infusion set, we each got individual walk through
inserting and such.  I have the Silhouette for now, and had to insert
needle/cannula m

non dominant hand and it was pretty easy.

Right now, I'm in temporary basal mode, as I did take my Lantus last
Just got a vibrating beep to remind me that I'm in temporary mode.  Good
know that works!  I'll go into complete pump basal mode tonight at
which is when I've always taken my Lantus.  I have three different basal
set for now, and I'm sure I'll be doing tweaking in the next few weeks.

My pump is the Revel Paradigm 723, so I know I'll have enough reservoir
for upping daily insulin needs.  For now, I'm filling it with 160 Units
last three days.

I'll be blogging here about my beginning adventures, so if you don't
want to
read, you can delete anything from me that has the word "Blog" in the

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