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RE: [IP] Re: Medco Insulin delivery

I have been diabetic since 1985 and receiving insulin from Medco.  The
package was left on the porch or outside my apartment door. The ice
packs have never been received frozen.  I never checked the temperature
even now. I have never gotten a bad patch.  However, I think it depends
how hot it is on the truck.  Other stuff I've ordered, not medicine, the
boxes were crushed. Looked like they had heavy stuff on top of them. Or
just thrown about.   

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This is why I pick up my insulin at Walgreen's. I do not have it shipped
me.  When I was with CCS Medical for my supplies they tried to get me to
insulin from them.

I asked if they ship it in insulated containers and they said no, that
would be ok if left on my porch.  I explained to them at my house, it
can get
down to 0 in the winter and as warm as 95 or more in the summer and they
couldn't tell me insulin sitting out all day in either extreme would be

Peoria, IL
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