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Re: [IP] Venting

 I know the feeling ! My family means well but they think I can't eat "sugar"
like desserts so they give me mash potatoes and apple juice ! LOL I used to
frustrate me but now I just laugh esp at all the cures I hear about !!! :-)
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Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 16:16:17 
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Subject: [IP] Venting 

I arrive this morning to drop off my daughter with my family and as I am
approaching my father he's telling me that their neighbor is selling stuff. 


He then proceeds to tell me that she has pills that will cure Diabetes


I told him oh that's nice..(grrrr I was instantly irritated as soon as I
heard the word Diabetes because I knew it involved some sort of BS)


Is it just my family that is full of idiots??? 


I am so tired of them ALWAYS thinking that maybe that drink or those pills
or maybe if you eat this food you're Diabetes will go away. 


No dad there is no magical, pill, diet, drink, smoothie, surgery, exercise,
or anything that will cure my diabetes (yet!). 


I wish they would understand that. 




Thank you for listening

Jessica type 1 for 10 years pumping w my pink Animas Ping  
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