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RE: [IP] tired

>I have no desire to go back to MDI.  I just don't want to be diabetic

Sue, I'm with you.  There are some days I am just so tired of 
fighting with this disease.  And, I recently had a conversation with 
my sister-in-law who said, "It's not so bad at least it's 
treatable."  Well, she's lucky I didn't just smack her in the head.

It is hard.  I know many of us hate it.  I don't think there's anyone 
here who can honestly say they never feel frustrated and tired of 
dealing with this.  But, I had a friend once who said, "It is what it 
is."  What's the alternative?  Death.  I'm just not ready to face 
that chapter in my life yet.  No matter how hard or how bad it 
gets.  I once made the statement here that I would rather see dollars 
spent in finding a cure rather than all these fancy devices to deal 
with diabetes and many people here criticized me and cut me down for 
it.  But, I still stand by that.  I would rather see a cure!  I would 
like to wake up one morning and not have to think about what my bg is 
and not have to calculate what I'm going to eat, do or whatever for 
the day.  I would like freedom from that.  But, I don't have that 
option right now.  It is what it is and I deal with it.

I've gone through some bad times in recent years not only related to 
health, but I'm just not ready to check out of this life yet.  I try 
to think of all the good things I have.  My 15-month old grand 
daughter who gives me such joy whenever I can see her (she lives 4 
hours away from me).  And, I'm now waiting for grandbaby #2 to make 
an appearance in about 8 months or so.  I think that we just need to 
find some small spot of joy in our lives to make it all seem worth 
living and dealing with.  I know it's not easy.

So Sue, email me when you feel really tired and bad.  Email me if you 
just want to vent.  We all need someone to vent to who understands 
exactly where we're coming from.  They may not be able to solve the 
problem, but if nothing else, they can listen.  And sometimes it just 
helps to have someone listen, and understand, and swear right along with us.


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