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Re: [IP] Re: advice on Apidra?

 I just tried a vile of Apidra and I used it for 3 days with no problem. It does
react faster than Novalog which I liked

Sent from outer space

 On Jun 15, 2011, at 11:46 AM, Veronica Elsea <email @ redacted>

 I am just about to make the switch to Apidra. I had one question for those of
you using it. With the Humalog, I've been able to leave it in my pump for
several days. So I prepare 1 cartridge and only need to change the cannula every
two days. My impression is that with the Apidra I really need to only have two
days' worth of insulin in my pump at once. Anybody pushed this one yet? Thanks.

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