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Re: [IP] Medco Insulin delivery

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> From: judy harvey <email @ redacted>
> huh...you can ship it to me from Nevada overnight and not tell me when you
> are shipping it?
> Anyway when you receive your insulin and the bags are cool but not cold to
> the touch how can you know it is still in the 36-46 F range.
> ----------------------------------------------------------

 I just got new insurance at my job (as of June 1st) and I know they use Medco
for mail order. With this insurance they basically force you to use mail order
for maintenance drugs so I won't have the choice of getting it locally. I've
been using mail order for several years now and it's worked out well. The only
time I had a problem was when CVS first bought Caremark. Prior to CVS, Caremark
used to ship insulin 2nd Day Air and the gel packs were usually still partially
frozen when I got it. After CVS took over, the idiots shipped insulin on a
Thursday and it sat in a warehouse or truck all weekend. The contents of the box
(gel packs) were warm to the touch. I called CVS/caremark and they said they
wouldn't replace the insulin unless I could tell them for sure it wasn't
working. Well, I was lucky and the insulin did work. The two mail order
pharmacies my insurance used after that were excellent.

 I have to go to my doctor and get all new prescriptions because Medco & my
insurance tells me I can't transfer them from Express Scripts and I know I'm
going to run out of my asthma inhaler before my next appointment in August. I
signed up for an account on the Medco site and put my work address in as the
shipping address, which is what I've used with all other pharmacies so I hope
they get it right.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 723 Revel + CGMS
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