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Re: [IP] Boot camp-fitness club style

I have worked out with heavy weights for over 20 years and regularly ride my
bicycle 75-100 miles a week....I also set my basals lower 2 hours before and
carry snacks

What I have recently come to realized with my CGMS is that when my routine
is interrupted
such as no exercise for 2 or more days or more strength training or bicycle
riding will change my basals.

I am working out a new rate of basals such as increase/decrease 10% with one
variable and/or 20% with other factors...

I read somewhere that exercise effects our metabolism about 36 hours which
seems to be about right for me before I see basal changes it is certainly
different for everyone.

And just when I am narrowing in on a formula my BG goes haywire with what
may have been a cannula set type issue...ugh...it seems I may not be able to
wear the silloutte much longer or at laest pay attention to problems when I
do use it....two weeks of battling out of control BG's and I decided to
change back to another type of infusion set and problem gone...ugh ugh

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