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[IP] Boot camp-fitness club style

I joined a ten day boot camp, tonight was my second night. It is all 
strength training, interval type; three exercises working the body/core. In 
my earlier pumping days, I did a boot camp that was total weight lifting and 
running and didn't have the option of the new pumps of decreasing my basal 
rates. I ended up eating more to deal with the lows that happened on the 
spur of the moment.
I have the new MM Revel with the CGMS which I am surprised that it is giving 
me accurate readings, it just must be in a good location.
I had a few really low moments into the night, six hours after exercising 
even though I ate a good healthy snack then a little longer than twenty 
hours after exercising. That "baby" happened when I was busy working, I 
dislike the persistence of the alarms but it was warranted. I finally got 
the pump out and shut off the alarms. By the time I got out of my car, I was 
showing signs of low blood sugar and ate a Luna energy bar.
I was just wondering if anybody else is into the strength training and have 
any idea how to understand when to expect or anticipate lows after 
I used my bolus wizard and checked BG, all that good stuff and ended up low 
after lunch. It is definitely a YMMV (your mileage may vary) thing! Sharon B 
MM Revel and CGMS 
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