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[IP] My Very Own Recall

Animas is going to send me 4 boxes of cartridges to replace 4 boxes that 
I currently have.

About a month ago, an Animas person named Kara spent a long time on the 
phone going over all my settings on my Ping.  I called them because 
whenever I corrected by pump, it didn't work.  Things were going on just 
exactly like they were before Animas recalled the cartridges in 
February:  3 units/100 pts of BG = no change; a hefty bolus for a piece 
of cake (literally!) = 200 pts higher, etc...  She decided that it had 
to be scar tissue.

This morning, I had an unexplained rise in BG.  It was 285...so I took 
10 units by syringe and when that didn't change anything, another 15 - 
also by syringe.  Had one No Prime alarm at noon and another one around 
6 p.m.  For the second one, I disconnected while lying down and set the 
pump on my stomach right under my ribs.  When I moved to the bathroom to 
prime into the sink, there was a wet spot right where the pump had been. 
  Sniff test says that the wet spot was insulin.

Talked to Christy at Animas and she waited while I reconnected with a 
fresh cartridge.  I have to save the one that perhaps leaked and send it 
back to Animas.  They're going to test the O-rings on the back of the 
cartridge. (My ex-husband is betting that Animas finds nothing wrong 
with the cartridge...)

My last three sensors have been goofy, too.  As my BG came down, my 
sensor read LOW, which of course, was not true at all.  So far, while 
the pump and the Dex have been misbehaving, my Ping remote is doing well 
(knock on wood).

The way I feel right now is that when I'm due to replace the Ping, it 
won't be another Animas...

Denise B.
(who is now doing hourly BGs)
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