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Re: [IP] Re: advice on Apidra?


 I switched to Apidra when my endo gave me a vial as a free sample. It seems
much more liquidy than novolog and therefore easy to load the cartridges with
insulin. I've been really happy with it and I too have had to lower my basals
since using it.


> On Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 2:50 AM, Alice Mosley <email @ redacted> wrote:
> >  Does anyone use the fast-acting insulin Apidra? Are there any major
> > differences
> > with Humalog or Novolog? I have been told it is faster acting than Humalog.
> > I've
> > been trying out a vial my endocrinologist gave me, though not in a
> > scientific
> > manner (i.e., fasting and then taking a dose and eating a measurable amount
> > of
> > food, and waiting to see how long it takes to affect my BG.) I'm not very
> > good
> > at fasting!I'm about to travel for a month, and so it would be good to get
> > the
> > best form of insulin.
> > Thanks for sharing any experience you may have.
> > best wishes,AliceSan Francisco
> > .
> .
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