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Re: [IP] Looking for a Dexcom Seven Plus receiver ...

I agree with you both. 

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On Jun 8, 2011, at 3:50 AM, "email @ redacted" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Valerie, I have probably now officially hit old age but I agree with you. I
> still say thank you when a waitress brings me my food. I still say "yes, sir"
 > or "No, ma'am" to people older than I am and to most adults. Someone has
> that today's young adults are part of the entitled generation. But you know,
> part of the problem lies with us baby boomers who have the nerve to call up a
> college and question the prof about a grade our kid received. I can only
> imagine what some of my profs would have told any parent who tried that. Like
> cut the cord already. Nobody talks about "salad days" anymore. Kids expect
> that the first place they have will have a computer, microwave, color
> television, etc. etc. No wonder some of them don't want to leave home right
> away. Okay, enough kvetching, whining, b*****, whatever you want to call
> it.How can I bring this back to diabetes?12 step people talk about having an
 > attitude of gratitude. They make peace with their disease, even thanking
 > higher power for their disease. It goes something like "because I had
> with alcohol, that forced me to have a relationship with my higher power and
> for that I am grateful."  There are problems with that I still need to work
> out--I would hope I would never become so shallow as to thank my God for
> killing someone in a DUI, but I am still working on that one. Maybe I need
> some gratitude for this for *%$*&%*&% disease of diabetes. Not that my HP
> would give that to me so I could love him more but to be grateful for what I
> have. Not in the sense of some guilt producing "oh yeah, well you could have
> Aids, or Cancer, or something else you useless whiner. Dennisin KYand I don't
> hit people over the head with Bibles
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