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Re: [IP] Looking for a Dexcom Seven Plus receiver ...

Valerie, I have probably now officially hit old age but I agree with you. I
still say thank you when a waitress brings me my food. I still say "yes, sir"
or "No, ma'am" to people older than I am and to most adults. Someone has noted
that today's young adults are part of the entitled generation. But you know,
part of the problem lies with us baby boomers who have the nerve to call up a
college and question the prof about a grade our kid received. I can only
imagine what some of my profs would have told any parent who tried that. Like
cut the cord already. Nobody talks about "salad days" anymore. Kids expect
that the first place they have will have a computer, microwave, color
television, etc. etc. No wonder some of them don't want to leave home right
away. Okay, enough kvetching, whining, b*****, whatever you want to call
it.How can I bring this back to diabetes?12 step people talk about having an
attitude of gratitude. They make peace with their disease, even thanking their
higher power for their disease. It goes something like "because I had troubles
with alcohol, that forced me to have a relationship with my higher power and
for that I am grateful."  There are problems with that I still need to work
out--I would hope I would never become so shallow as to thank my God for
killing someone in a DUI, but I am still working on that one. Maybe I need
some gratitude for this for *%$*&%*&% disease of diabetes. Not that my HP
would give that to me so I could love him more but to be grateful for what I
have. Not in the sense of some guilt producing "oh yeah, well you could have
Aids, or Cancer, or something else you useless whiner. Dennisin KYand I don't
hit people over the head with Bibles

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