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[IP] Help with CGMS sites

 I've been using the Minimed CGMS for two years now but I'm having a big problem
finding sites that work. I don't use my stomach at all because I reserve that 
for my infusion sites. I've mostly used my thighs, outside, front and a little 
 of the inner thigh, but now they're getting all scarred up plus after a few
the site gets really hard and red and the sensor stops working. The problem is 
that when I sit down to insert the sensor there's enough fat to pinch up, but 
 when I stand there really isn't and the sensor hits muscle and after a few days
the site goes bad. The problem is also exacerbated by the fact that if the 
sensor is on the side of my body (either outer thigh or love handle area) or 
 back it gets further squished and pressed into muscle when I sleep. I am a very
restless sleeper and get pressure points easily so I constantly toss from side 
to side and on my back, so the only area that is safe for sites is my stomach. 
As I said, I reserve that area for the infusion sets though. I use Silhouettes 
 for infusion sets because the 90 degree kind don't really work for me because
 the above problem, but unfortunately the sensors don't come that way. So I'm at
the point where I'm ready to give up the CGMS, which I hate to do, because of 
this problem. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Pam
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