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Re: Subject: [IP] beginner's guide to CGMS for Paradigm 522 please?

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> From: Yessi Pal <email @ redacted>

> I didn't realize you had to cover the sensor with a dressing.  Ugh!  
> I've
> tried every kind of clear dressing and after a day they start itching and
> turning red.  I get little welts in the shape of the dressing when I peel it
> off and it itches for days afterward.  Not sure what I will do about that.
> Yessi
> .
> ----------------------------------------------------------

 Then look for Hypafix. It's like cloth, pretty much the same stuff they use in
infusion sets. I get much better results with Hypafix than the clear dressings.
It breathes so water doesn't get trapped underneath. I can't use anything else
in the summertime because sweat makes the clear dressings fall off, and the
trapped moisture makes me itch like crazy. If the stuff in infusion sets doesn't
bother you then Hypafix should work.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 723 Revel + CGMS
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