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Re: [IP] Spirit?

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> From: Mark Willoughby <email @ redacted>
>      It amazes me that people harp and put down the Spirit pump saying it 
 > expires after 6 years. It does. But I have in writing from Roche that they
 > upgrade me for free after the 6 years. I got that in writing before I
> the the Spirit pump.
 > The service is beyond reproach. The dependability is remarkable. The ease of
> use for even a new pumper should make you want to buy one.    Mark Willoughby
> .
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 The only thing that matters is that your pump works for you. However, compared
to the other pumps available now the Spirit just doesn't compare.
 And while you may have it in writing that Accu-Chek will give you a new pump at
no cost after 6 years, that's not the norm. Even though the pump will expire in
6 years it only has a 4 year warranty, just like every other pump. Accu-Chek may
make exceptions for some people, such as you, but there's absolutely no way they
are going to upgrade everyone who gets a Spirit pump. It is a luer lock
connection which means people don't even have to use Accu-Chek infusion sets so
that's more revenue that Accu-Chek may not be getting from their pump customers.

 For people who like or need the ease of a Bolus Wizard, I will not recommend
the Spirit pump. Needing a separate calculator is ridiculous. You'd need to test
your BG, enter that and the carbs into the calculator, have it calculate the
bolus, then enter the bolus manually into the pump. For people with a Minimed or
Cozmo, that's taking a HUGE leap backward, not to mention yet another piece of
equipment to carry. If/when the Combo is released here I do think Accu-Check
will be a bigger competitor than they are now.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 723 Revel + CGMS
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