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Re: [IP] In-house testing

I shy away from in-house testing.
I then have to go back, get copies so I can take the results to other 
various Doctors. The Doctors tell me that very, very often, offices do not 
forward tests to other Doctors, as it ties up their office staff with all 
the work from many patients.

If I have the test at the local hospital, the other Doctors have instant 
access to the results by computer, usually a copy is already in my patient 
folder when I show up for an appointment.

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From: "Cliff Jones" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Tuesday, June 29, 2010 3:26 AM
Subject: [IP] In-house testing

> Has anyone had a problem with their endo wanting to do all of his /her 
> tests
> in their office?  There seems to be a trend now for the doctors to want to
> do tests in their offices rather than to give you a lab test slip.  It's 
> all
> about money folks.  Last time I went they did an a1c in the office, from a
> finger stick, and the insurance only paid part of it because it wasn't 
> done
> at Lab Corp.  the doctor now want to do an nerve test.  He has never asked
> me if I have any tingling in any of my arms or legs, but wants to do this
> test, which is over 1,000 dollars.  Has anyone else come across this and
> what would be your recommendation.
> Thanks
> Cliff
> T2, Dx 1991
> Dexcom-Plus 2010
> Animas Ping 2010
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