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RE: [IP] New Ping Meter

Raymond Becker wrote:

One other question that maybe other ping users could tell me, Animas says
and the ping book tells you to use alkaline batteries in the remote, but
said you can use lithium batteries. Can you use lithium batteries instead?
And will the lithium batteries last as long as they do as if they were in
the pump. I thought I saw a few postings about when using alkaline batteries
in the remote they have a short battery life. Any answers would be helpful.


I looked into this as well since they recommend a lithium battery for the
pump.  However after reading Page 166, in my book they apparently don't
recommend this for the meter, kind of domb if you ask me, but I was told
that the pump and the meter were designed by two separate divisions of
Johnson and Johnson and that is why there are a couple of things that don't
exactly line up.  The color screen in one and a gray screen in the other.  I
would not recommend using a lithium battery in your meeter. 

Page 166:

"Note: DO NOT use lithiium batteries in your meter remote.  The use of
lithium batteries will significantly reduce the number of tests you can
complete after the low meter batteries warning screen appears"

Hope it helps.
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