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Re: [IP] New Ping Meter

At 04:44 PM 6/29/2010, raymond becker wrote:
>Just received my ping meter yesterday and switched over from my Animas 2020
>meter.Ive noticed the following on the meter remote,you can't view
>history,or basal settings on the remote.Am I correct about this?Also on the
>2020 you were able to use ezcarb without putting in any glucose amount and
>then if you skipped down to show results it would show you the bolus
>amount,I don't do that alot but there are occassions when it could be
>useful,Ive noticed on the ping that you have to put a glucose amount in,you
>cant leave it blank,then scroll down to show results.It doesn't work the way
>that the 2020 pump work.Am I also correct about this.One other question that
>maybe other ping users could tell me,Animas says and the ping book tells you
>to use alkaline batteries in the remote,but said you can use lithium
>batteries.Can you use lithium batteries instead?And will the lithium
>batteries last as long as they do as if they were in the pump.I thought I
>saw a few postings about when using alkaline batteries in the remote they
>have a short battery life.Any answers would be helpful.Thanks.
>Raymond Becker

On the Ping remote.  You can view some pump settings and history by 
choosing System Status -> Pump Status from the Main Menu.  No, you 
can't do or see everything from the remote, but you can from the 
pump.  The other difference between the Ping pump and the 2020 is 
that the 2020 had the food database on it and with the Ping system 
it's on the remote.

Yes, you can bypass the bg amount on the ezcarb with the Ping remote 
and the pump.  All you have to do is select Bolus -> excarb -> enter 
the carb value, then bypass the "Add BG" choice with the arrow 
key.  It will give you the bolus amount for the carbs only.

I've always used alkaline batteries in my remote.  You need AAA 
batteries, not sure if they come in lithium?  I do use a AA lithium 
in my pump.  My pump battery in the Ping pump lasts me about 5-6 
weeks, in my 2020 it lasted my 3 months.  My remote battery lasts me 
a little bit longer.  I buy my AAA batteries in bulk so they're not 
real expensive so I don't care so much about those.  I do care about 
the more expensive lithium batteries in the pump since they don't 
last very long at all.

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