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Re: [IP] Third Nerve Palsy

 Hey Chuck, I am a technician in an ophthalmologist's office. Yep-CN III palsy
is largely a waiting game. They usually resolve over the course of a few months.
If the double vision is a problem while looking straight ahead, a special paste
on prism lens (Fresnel prism) can be placed on the glasses to help. In rare
cases, the effected eye can be covered with a patch to avoid diplopia.
Hang in there!
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Subject: [IP] Third Nerve Palsy
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Has anyone had any problems with third nerve palsy. I have been diagnosed
with it, which causes double vision, I have been told that this is mostly a
waiting game. That it should clear up in 8-12 weeks. Any help or information
that anyone has that have dealth with this would be helpful. I have had type
1 for 44-45 years.

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