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RE: [IP] waiting for contacts to call back


First let me express my sympathy on the loss of your sister.  It is
unfortunate that in the US our care is basically determined by the insurance
plan we have (if you have one) and what it will cover.  In many cases it is
your insurance that dictates which doctor you will see and what tests and
how much of the cost of those test they will cover.  If you are fortunate to
have a good doctor participating in you plan all is good.  Many times the
good doctors are not in a person's plan and the out of pocket cost is
overwhelming, so we can't afford good care.  If they are in the plan, there
are long waiting times to see them.  Unfortunately I think it will get a lot
worse before it gets better, and many of us will not see that day.        

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At 01:56 PM 6/29/2010, Nora Nevers wrote:
>Is this what the US has coming???????

Well, we sort of have that now.  When my sister wanted to see an 
endo, it was a 6 month wait.  Too bad she died 3 weeks before her

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