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Re: [IP] carb counting tips?

 Thanks to all that offered suggestions. I think I am over thinking all of this
too much (as I usually do with things)! I will just test like crazy while I get
the hang of it and bolus if necessary. I am really sensitive to Humalog so I
will probably have to find a good balance so I don't go low too much if I do an
extra bolus. Since I started really taking care of myself last fall I have
realized just how sensitive I am to humalog and how little awareness I have with
lows. It's all a learning process I suppose!



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Relax, have fun, test, carry glucose tabs and snack bars and don't freak. Even
if you had "exact" info you are going to be on a different sleeping schedule,
different activity and so forth - your numbers are probably going to vary..
don't let it stop you. The pump is the perfect tool for this - you make your
guestimate - you enjoy the food and then make a correction later.

Linda & Dax
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