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RE: [IP] Re: jury duty

I did a week long criminal trial last year and My experience was just like
It doesn't keep me from working or many other things so it shouldn't keep me
from Jury Duty.  I don't even recall if the issue ever came up.  

I do remember that the defendant represented himself and did a REALLY bad
I guess it all depends on your perspective.  If you want it to get in the
way, It will.

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I just served on a four day criminal trial last month and had no problems. I
never even mentioned my diabetes to the judge because I figured it wasn't
really an issue. It doesn't stop me from working, traveling, doing things I
enjoy, so why should it stop me from doing my civic duty? I tested a couple
times while sitting in the jury box and ate some glucose tablets once when I
was low and no one even noticed (I was in the second row so wasn't that
visible to the attorneys). If there had been an occasion or need to mention
it, I would have, but the trial was short and we spent more time on various
recesses than we did in the courtroom, so it didn't really cause any
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