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RE: [IP] Runners

Hi Dustin,

 > What works for you when you run 5k's or
 > longer to regulate your BG's?

I do long bike rides, not runs, but some of the problems are
similar, I think.

The one Big Thing for me was CGMS. By now, after a year or two, I
trust myself to keep my BG under control without it, but until
then, it was either wear a CGMS, or stop every fifteen minutes to
check BG.

Regarding high and low spikes: The lows are pretty much
unpredictable, depending too much on glycogen status, today's
form, effort level so far and now, and a host of other factors.
But spiking highs I usually get after an all-out, anaerobic (or
close on) effort. I use that to avoid snacking when, despite
precautions, my BG drops -- but since it depends on the body's
glycogen reserves, this doesn't work always or indefinitely.

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