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[IP] P{ump Clips

 I agree with you Susan...if only they would put the time in designing something
to wear the thing that costs $$$$!! I had a clip that broke the first week I had
it...Minimed replaced it, then the next one lasted about 7 months...which was
one month over their guarantee. Well I didn't want to spend like $12 for another
clip, so I'm wearing something else...another kind of clip which is awful..it
swivels around to make it either horizontal or vertical, but it's always turning
around! I just ordered a couple of cases through the advise of Frank on this
site, so I hope I can use them better. I believe it is something for a cell
phone but will fit my pump also. When I play golf, I have found the best place
is clipped on my bra, doesn't get in the way of my swing!

Why can't the pumpmakers realize that we all, male/female/children, have to 
  wear these things 24x7! The clips on many of them are clumsy and
We sleep with them and they dig in to us if they are clipped on. 
The one I have these days, falls off because the clip is so flimsy.
Are the CGMs any better? I saw that one that sticks to your upper arm. Can it 
be worn elsewhere? 
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