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RE: [IP] carb counting tips?

 Suzanne, When going out to eat I usually calculate the carbs I can remember
and bolus for them. Then one hour after eating I check my bg again and
correct to my target BG. I eat out 3 to four time a week and I still keep a
A1c of 5.8%.

John S Wilkinson
Rome, NY

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Subject: [IP] carb counting tips?

Hello all,

 I have a really silly, novice question for the group. I am fairly new to
counting (3 months now) and will only eat what I have a label for or if I
out at all, I only choose things that I can look up in my dictionary of food
breakdowns. This really limits me and makes me worried about what I will do
faced with going to a restaurant I don't have breakdowns for. I am planning
vacation soon to an all inclusive resort where all meals are included but
have limited nutritional info available. I would hate to be obsessed about
I am eating and whether I calculated the carbs right. I definitely will not
bring my digital scale with me that has a food database, that is crazy! Any
suggestions on how you guys handle this kind of thing?

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