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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V11 #47

MiniMed pump at the beach - or not - and taking long acting-insulin  by
injection for two days. One of you said you'd never put long-acting  insulin 
your body (I did so for 34 years, and always had an A1C between  5.8 and 6.5!)
Also, I happen to LIVE in NJ (it's really not THAT bad) and  with the cost of
gasoline I'm not going to drive somewhere far away to go to  the beach!
So what do pumpers from California, and Hawaii, etc. do when THEY  go to the
beach. Do you swim for 1/2 hour at a time and then bolus? May I  please have a
serious, non-sarcastic answer from someone?  Thanks!

Signe in NJ

Hi Signe,
I have not gone to the beach in two years, but when I did, I  would use 
 Lantus and Humalog. In fact, I liked that routine so much that I still do it
breaks.  I am going to VR. beach in July, and plan to use  the Lantus and 
 Humalog. In the past, I have also done the pump at the beach. I would usually
just disconnect the tubing if I went into the ocean  and keep the pump in a 
 cooler, or wrapped in a towel. Usually was not disconnected more than an hour.
Are you trying to figure out which way you want to do it, or  are you 
planning to use the pump for the first time at a beach?
Lisa in MO

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