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Re: [IP] Pump Clips


 I use a baby sock secured with a safety pin to wear my pump to bed. I can
attach it to my nightdress, underwear or shorts and it seems to work well. This
way I don't need the clip. I stole the idea when web searching for a sleep setup
and saw something that just looked like a baby bootie but cost $25! I still
haven't figured out a way to sleep without clothes and keep the pump safe yet ;)

I don't have a CGM so I am not sure what to suggest there.


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Why can't the pumpmakers realize that we all, male/female/children, have to 
wear these things 24x7! The clips on many of them are clumsy and uncomfortable.
We sleep with them and they dig in to us if they are clipped on. 
The one I have these days, falls off because the clip is so flimsy.
Are the CGMs any better? I saw that one that sticks to your upper arm. Can it 
be worn elsewhere? 

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