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Re: [IP] Doing Jury Duty


I'm married to a defense attorney and just served on a trial, so I hope I
can help.

My guess is that your questionnaire had to do with whether or not you could
actually do your duty. I think you can either ignore it or call them to say
you don't want to be excused.

As for what really happens, though all places do this a bit differently: you
should eventually be called into a courtroom where you'll get the names of
the people involved (defendant and lawyers). You'll then get to answer a few
questions, usually on paper, bascially to make sure that you'd be impartial.
The judge and the lawyers review the answers and then call people up to ask
questions privately.

When I went through this, there was some general question about anything
else I needed to tell the judge. I marked that and told him I had IDDM and
would need to bring in my glucometer and a snack with me into the jury
box. Mostly, you're not supposed to bring anything in with you. That wasn't
a problem for the judge and neither lawyer had a problem with it either - so
I actually got picked.

-- Anne

On Sun, Jun 29, 2008 at 2:34 PM, Paula Wagner <email @ redacted>
> Has anyone on the list had to do jury duty.  If so, how did it work out for
> you eating, checking your BG, and using pump.  Filled out the questionnaire
> they sent, sent it back noting I was diabetic, they sent back stating I
> needed medical documentation stating I was medically impaired.  I don't
> think I am that, especially after having 6 children but just need to know
> how to handle BG under circumstance if I get picked.
> Thanks, Paula .
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