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RE: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V11 #46

<<to my question about wearing my MiniMed pump at the beach - or not - and
taking long acting-insulin by injection for two days -Signe in NJ>>

Signe, I have only gone to the beach twice since getting the pump.  I think
what you do will depend a lot on your basal rates.  We were only going for a
few hours at a time and for me - that meant leaving the pump on the ship.
My max rate is .6 units an hour and that is only for 2 hours.  The rest of
the time I average .4 units.  I figured with the heat and the exercise I'd
be doing, I could safely disconnect and do a bolus correction when I
returned to the ship.

I lived in NJ during high school, so I realize that a day at the beach was
way more than 2-4 hours.  Maybe you can look for a water/sand proof
container/case for the pump  Not sure if MM has one.  I forget what your
original post said about whether this was for yourself or a child.  I had no
problems, but YMMV.

Betsy, VA
dx 1957, pump 2000
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