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RE: Bolus for Basal? WAS Re: [IP] 522 at the beach

Hi Allison,

 > I'd be curious how to implement the
 > suggestion to bolus for the basal 
 > rate and be disconnected.

 As a rule of thumb, I would take half my insulin action time -- that is how
long I would be willing to go without insulin -- and calculate the amount of
basal the pump would infuse in that time. In my case, that would be one hour (my
insulin action time is two hours), and with my daytime basal profile at
0.9u/hour, I should get 0.9u during that one hour. So every hour I inject that

 If you can live with some greater fluctuations in insulin and BG levels, you
can extend the time, but I wouldn't go beyond the insulin action time -- if you
wish to do that, inject Regular instead, which has a longer duration (four to
eight hours or so). That will let you go longer between injections.

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