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Re: [IP] Gabapentin/Neurontin = carpal tunnel

If your fingers are going numb, the thumb, index and middle, then it is the
median nerve getting pinched, hense carpal tunnel. if its the ring finger and
pinky, then thats the shoulder.
My hands will do that from time to time, so I either wear wrist splints that
were made for me when I sleep or prop them up on a pillow.  I wear them at
night even if I have issues in the day. Becuase thats eight hours of my hands
being in the proper position, giving my wrists a break.


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From: suzanne watts <email @ redacted>

If you don't mind me asking, when does your foot/ leg fall asleep? Do you get
pins and needles when they wake up? One of my docs is telling me I have
tunnel in my hands because they started falling asleep while I was sleeping.
don't have the true symptoms of carpal and I am wondering if I should get
to test me neurologically to be sure. The doc doesn't seem to think it is
serious but if it is the beginnings of neuropathy, I want to know.


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