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 My issue is getting them off as well. I find that it is best to take it off
right out of the shower. I've looked into mastisol, but it seems very expensive
considering the amount that you get. I was having issues with the pods on my
lower back. so I've never bought it. I, too, use only an alcohol wipe for
prepping the area.

> I am having some issue with Omnipod not staying on for three days..I 
> have always used IV PREP.. It doesn't seem to hold. I have heard of a 
> product called Mastisol. Does anyone know where to buy it. Is it 
> available at local drugstore? Please respond. Thanks Bruce LaRiviere

Have you tried using no product at all to prep your site? I do nothing 
to my sites other than a thorough cleaning with an alcohol pad and the 
only adhesive issue I have is sometimes it's hard to get it off cleanly 
after the 3 days.
Sure, each person's skin is different, and I think it depends in part on 
where the pod is places; but my CDE trainer never suggested anything 
other than alcohol and I've read at least 1 or two people report that IV 
Prep actually makes it worse.

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