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I tried using Mastisol with the Cleo sets and it worked - except that  
the plastic disc of the set came away from the adhesive. I can't get a  
Cleo set to last longer than 2 days.

On Jun 27, 2008, at 9:26 PM, Kenneth Moss wrote:

> Our 11-year-old son uses Mastisol since regular adhesive and IV prep  
> never worked for him.  We get it at the local medical supply store.   
> It comes in a regular bottle and a spray bottle.  Both bottles are  
> about the size of nail polish, cost about $20 and last about four  
> months.  We also use Detachol or Unisolve packets to ease removal.
>> I am having some issue with Omnipod not staying on for three  
>> days..I have always used IV PREP.. It doesn't seem to hold. I have  
>> heard of a product called Mastisol. Does anyone know where to buy  
>> it. Is it available at local drugstore? Please respond. Thanks  
>> Bruce LaRiviere
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