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Re: [IP] Gabapentin/Neurontin


 If you don't mind me asking, when does your foot/ leg fall asleep? Do you get
pins and needles when they wake up? One of my docs is telling me I have carpal
tunnel in my hands because they started falling asleep while I was sleeping. I
don't have the true symptoms of carpal and I am wondering if I should get them
to test me neurologically to be sure. The doc doesn't seem to think it is
serious but if it is the beginnings of neuropathy, I want to know.



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Sent: Friday, June 27, 2008 4:50:19 PM
Subject: RE: [IP]  Gabapentin/Neurontin

Sam, I'm only taking 300 mg once a day (bed time).  I've had no side
effects.  I started taking a few weeks ago it because one foot and leg were
'falling asleep'.

Betsy, VA
dx 1957, pump 2000

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Subject: [IP] {IP} Gabapentin/Neurontin

Mr Dr. has prescribed this medication for what he believes is neuropathy in
my back.  Anyone have any testimony about this drug?  I made the mistake of
looking on line at side-effects and of course it is making me second guess
taking it!  The pain is bothersome but not such that it is disabling. 
Thanks, Sam. 
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