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Re: [IP] Kidney failure, maybe?

Thanks for going over the numbers. I've had to read the letter a couple of
times to allow all the information to sink in.  Yeah I see that there is
something I'll need to keep a handle on. I know I'm on medicaiton for my
blood pressure, and its been controlled.  110/70 or 120/70 is typically my
readings when I'm at the doctors.
He is going to do another blood work up in a couple of weeks to see where
things are headed. he changed my basals and wanted to see where my ha1c was at
after the chance to have a better comparasion from april.  Guess I'll know at
the end of July what is happening more.
I know I've spilled protiens for years now, thats why they orginally put me on
lisnopril. Since I don't know so much about kidney function or rather the loss
there of, I was a bit concerned with how I was feeling. I remember when my
friend Linda went trhough it. Hers sort of went down hill and probably was
pretty bad for 6 months because she didn't really know it.  All I remember was
that her creatine level was high, and she was trying to finish up her masters
degree but was having cogntive issues.  AFter running some tests, the doctor
was surprised she had gone as long as she did trying to function in school
with the levels she was at.
Unforunately for Linda she was on hemo dialysis for 2 years before she passed
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