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Re: [IP] kidney failure, maybe?

I gues I have not ever fully understood just how one goes into kidney failure.
I just figured that with the progression of diabetes, that when you go down
that road there was no turning back. Can slow it down but its just something
that is going to happen.  Once that is the case then you just have to deal
with the loss.   Not that I'd purposly let them go, just figured if its
already happening it was going to come no matter what.


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From: Jan H. <email @ redacted>
> Guess if my kidneys are going, theres not much I can do about it is there?

Sounds like you need some proper medical advice about this dilemma. You have
had some good lay advice, but I'm talking ones who can write Rx's. One
should not let kidneys just fail - nip it in the bud! See someone
immediately to get this taken care of since DMcan cause a failure of feeling
and you may be in pain and not know it. Pain is a trigger for many things.

If in doubt about the kidneys, please request a referral to a nephrologist.
They specialize in kidneys and concentrateon their functions.

Lettuce no.

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