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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V11 #44

Out here BCBS and United Health Care are know to approve the CGMS.
Unfortunately, not everyone has these insurers.

I only know since I started wearing a loaner, I have felt far more at ease
about keeping my control 'tighter'. Before, I would be afraid of going out
of whack in public, on the street, whatever...., staying too high and
getting scolded everytime at the doctors' and seeing my own lab tests with a
dim view. And now, I get an alarm if I start to 'drop', I check with a meter
and treat. I would like those wonderful HbA's everyone seems to have in the
6's! However, when you lose awareness after a few weeks and are at RISK,
what can I do but try to survive?
I do have a letter and rx etc... Put into Minimed's hands...

One of these things cost as much as an EMS run. This shouldn't be so

On 6/27/08 4:46 AM, "Deb Neckorcuk" <email @ redacted> scribed:

>  My sister and brother both work for BCBS. They said that CGMS are
> automatically
> turned down the first time the request is submitted, but are likely accepted
> when people pursue it after the first decline, so long as the get the docs
> letter of medical need.
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