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[IP] Minilink Transmitter

I had one on loan for about 6 weeks. Of course, the minute I ordered more
sensors, the transmitter is giving up the ghost and so I called MM to see
what a transmitter alone would cost. When I corrected the nice lady about it
being the real-time and not the Guardian receiver, she said it is $650.00

I asked about financing, and she said they don9t do that.

YET! I9ve seen some folks on the list are paying $50.00 a month for theirs.

Why can they get this help and I cannot? I9m am so confused, but she said
they probably got it WITH their pump. WTH? So what? I9m using their pump, I
have a 2 year old pump. I saw nothing in the poster9s emails about getting
this with their pump.

I9m actually contemplating skipping my bills to get one and deal with the
bills later, but I can9t do that. I9m totally bummed, even though I had the
joy of the loan, and seeing where I sit. I was getting things worked out,
and I really don9t want to stop using this simply because I can9t come up
with over half a grand. Having just ordered the ten sensors and all too....
I am going to go crunch numbers and see what I can do about this. I love
this gizmo and it has saved my bacon at work a few times from lows.

I just can9t lose it right now. What would you guys do? Wait out and do the
dance with MM and calOPTIMA when you know they will not cover it, but hope
someone sees sense?  Refuse the sensors and forget the whole thing and go
back to checking 8-15 times a day?

I9m on hold..again, to talk to someone in insurance.
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