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[IP] Cozmo & CGMS

I have a Cozmo, and I know that a few pumps are almost ready with CGMS
integration. (I have heard that Omnipod and Animas will be integrated with
Dexcom soon.) I thought it was a great idea, BUT now I'm not sure. There are
MANY times when dexcom alarms LOW (<55) when, in fact, my Bg is nowhere near
that low.  You can turn off the high and low alarms that you set, but you
cannot turn off the <55 alarm. I've been at business meetings, theaters,
movies when all of a sudden the dexcom starts alarming, and there's nothing I
can do except EAT - even if my blood sugar is not low and may be normal or
high. (One night, it alarmed ALL NIGHT - even though it was out of range, on
another floor!)

In other words, if I have trouble getting it in synch with my meter, then I
have no control over what it's doing. Now, if I'm going to a special event, I
do NOT take the dexcom with me, to avoid this problem.  Imagine having a CGM
integrated into your pump and having it alarm incorrectly and you can't stop

Any thoughts?
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