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RE: Doctor's Note WAS Re: [IP] Trip Supplies

What is a medical luggage tag?

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 Mary is currently in Chicago on a choir tour. Her note from doc basically
she has type 1 diabetes and must carry her supplies, which he lists, with
her at
all times. That they are not to be checked. I further attach a medical
tag on the bag carrying them - no problems.....I also have letters from
about her pump and back up pump not being able to go through xray - all of
is in a folder in her bag if she needs it.........
  Bev, mom to Mary, 14, dx 1997, pumping Animas 2001

Allison <email @ redacted> wrote:
  What would the doctor's note say?


Mom to Tarek, 16 y.o., dx Type 1 11/98, Animas 2020, Novolog, FreeStyle Lite

Marshall wrote:
>>> Do you carry extra prescriptions? note from the
>> doctor?
> Yes!

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