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Re: [IP] Cozmo

 Back in April I contacted Smiths after all of the press releases came out and
they said it would be a couple of months before the Navigator was available. I
guess that couple of months is over. =)

 I think the previous poster has issue with the fact that there is no CGMS
INTEGRATION with the Cozmo. That would be my main issue with them at this point.
If you read the Cozmore.com web site they lead you to believe that integration
is already present, but this is not the case. I was a bit annoyed with the whole

 They had better have a new 1800+ on the burner if they expect people to
continue supporting their pumps. With the CGMS integration being available in
other pumps on the market today, it appears they're asleep at the wheel.

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As for the one poster complaining about lack of CGM with Smiths  Deltec 
Cozmo.  Have you not heard of, read about or seen the Freestyle Navigator?
It is currently available and has been shipping to users. Im ordering mine
next week when I visit my endo.  They are currently offering = off for the
first number of purchasers (Im not sure how many people, but have heard
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