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[IP] Cozmo

Dont think Smiths Medical is going away.  They are hard at work on
developing more advanced product (pumps) to update/replace the current 1800
style unit. They are still the most advanced pump on the market bar none.

Novo is working on higher concentrations of insulin that will allow smaller
pumps. Insulin is the limiter due to bulk of the fluid and cartridge & drive

Consider a U-500 insulin and how that will help the pump companies make even
smaller products.

As for the one poster complaining about lack of CGM with Smiths  Deltec 
Cozmo.  Have you not heard of, read about or seen the Freestyle Navigator?
It is currently available and has been shipping to users. Im ordering mine
next week when I visit my endo.  They are currently offering = off for the
first number of purchasers (Im not sure how many people, but have heard

Marketing and clinical support from ALL companies is always a dynamic and
can and will change all the time. It is market driven and need driven. It
may not make economical sense for a company, in todays situation of higher
expenses (fuel, etc.) blanket an area like they used to.

Sometimes we (yes, that includes me) have to make adjustments to how we
obtain service from companies due to these changes.

Nolan K.

Dallas, TX
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