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RE: [IP] Microalbumin/Creatinine

Hello again, George --

 > the result was (and range) was 30-
 > 150 mg, with my test being 150 (mg)
 > for a 24 hour period.

Normal is indeed defined as "up to 150 mg per day". I believe that
the lower end of the range is, once one has been diabetic for any
length of time, about as easily achieved as an HbA1c of 4.0% --
it's not just the long-term damage that causes protein to spill
into the urine, it's also "right now" hyperglycaemia and the like.
Or exercise. Or a fever. Or oedema. Or menstruation. (Well,
perhaps not in your case. :-) ) Or, or, or ....

As far as I am aware -- and you will want to get authoritative
information from a doctor, please -- microalbuminuria at that
level is usually "treated" by watchful waiting, by taking a
low-dose ACEi even with normal blood pressure, and by ensuring
good glycaemic control as well as decent blood pressure.

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