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RE: [IP] Kidney failure, maybe?

<major snip> Oh, and one of our regulars here often recommends
> starting dialysis at 15% remaining kidney function, not at 12% --

hmmm - since I am a regular, and on dialysis, I kind of think Felix is 
referring to moi. (~_^) However, I recommend a Type 1 start dialysis at 12% 
instead of the usual 10% function. I learned this from another list of 
kidney/pancreas transplant patients. It doesn't seem to matter if one is a 
Type 2.  A T-1 recovers a much better quality of life starting at 12% 
function. I see many patients come in wheel chairs, get in the recliner for 
several hours and return to the nursing home in a wheel chair. That's not 
the life I want. YMMV

I dragged my feet all the way before starting, so I know what one goes 
through. I am glad the kidneyologist (aka nephrologist) insisted.

Since I started hemodialysis July, 2002, I have:
1. Co-chaired a Toastmasters conference that covered all of Indiana and 1/3
of Kentucky. When I say co-chaired, I mean my hugsband was the other half so
you know who did the most work (wink, wink). ;-)
2. Written and published 5 books.
3. Traveled to Memphis, Boston, Phoenix, and other spots a tad closer to 
northern Indiana.
4. Buried my son who was a healthy 43 y/o until esophageal cancer struck him
down in '05.
5. I have had featured articles in the newspaper and interviews on TV, and 

When driving as to Indianapolis (150 mi), Battle Creek (100 mi), Ft. Wayne
(80 mi), Chicago (100 mi), Toledo, Illinois (275 mi), Memphis (about 1200 mi
rnd trip) all one direction so double the distance back to home, I do 
of the driving.

My life isn't over until it is over.

Jan & Muskers- T-1  http://maxpages.com/bludasue  - 
http://maxpages.com/TSLandCLIP  - http://www.picturetrail.com/dmBASHpics 
(evolution of pumps)
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