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Re: [IP] Kidney failure, maybe?

Ok, I got a copy of my blood work results. Some of it doesn't make sense to
me, so I don't know what I'm looking at as far as kidney stuff.
Urinalysis, Micro & Cult
Bilirubin Neg
Ketone Neg
Protient Neg
Urobilinog .2  (range .2 , 1.0)
Blood Neg
Leuk Est Neg
Metabolic COmplete Profile
Albumin 4.1  g/dl    (4.0-5.2)
Alk Phos  73 u/l  (25-117)
AST 19  u/l   (8-26)
ALT  26  u/l (18-48)
Bili Total  .4  mg/dl  (.2-1.5)
Urea Nitrogen    31 H  mg/dl  2.0-28.0
Calcium  8.9  mg/dl  (8.4-10.1
Creatinine 1    mg/dl    (.3-1.2)
Protein, Tot    7.4  g/dl (5.9-8.1)
Microalbumnin, Urine Random
microalbumin  42.2   H mg/l   (range 2.0-20.0
M-Alb/Creat   62.0  H  mcg/mgCr  (range 0.0-30.0
U Creat  65    (range not est)
B Typ Naturitc Peptide
BNP   81   pg/ml     (range 5-100)  A BNP value of greater than 100pg/ml is a
strong overal indictor of (then blank)

2.57   (range .32 -5.00)
Thanks for looking at this
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