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[IP] bruises

my two favorite bruises were:
1) first time i used the pump back in '93....they made me use the sof set, and
it hurt like a MOFU!!  within hours i had a fist size bruise surrounding the
set...and it slowly got darker and bigger.....suffice it to say, i moved on to
the bent neeedle set after that

2)  very very curious bruise with a silhouette about a month ago, in my leg. 
I insert fairly shallow since i have some musckles in my legs....and about an
inch in FRONT of the end of the adhesive, there was a little moon shaped
bruise....and it too got bigger and bigger until about 4 days later it was
about 3 inches long, moving away from the site. I figure the tip of the needle
nicked something in there.  it didn't bleed when i took the site out cuz the
bleeding was a full inch and a half from where the canula went in

mmm pretty colors
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