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RE: [IP] Trip Supplies

To add to that keep insulin in two separate places.

I once had it exposed to 110 degree accidently and fortunately had a
separate stash.

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I usually take about double what I need 'just in case'. I am a firm
in Murphy's law. I also make sure my insulin is from 2 different lots as
once went on a trip and took insulin from a new batch IU just received
it turned out it was bad. Now I play it safe. 

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Subject: [IP] Trip Supplies

Besides the obvious items, what do you travelers take on trips with you?

Do you carry extra prescriptions? note from the doctor?

My son is going away for a month, including an Amtrak trip from CO to PA
without me, and I'd like to make sure he has everything he needs.


Mom to Tarek, 16 y.o., dx Type 1 11/98, Animas 2020, Novolog, FreeStyle
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